Eddy Brimson

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Marriott Hotel, Leeds – Doors 7.15pm

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Comment by Eddy Brimson

Glad all is going well. Can’t make it to New Zealand or the Alps but bloody hope you get to Somerset, Devon or Cornwall in 2011

Comment by Joe Bracher

Hello Joe, I hope all is well

Sorry for the delay but I don’t pick these up that often.

When I am down that way I’ll give you a shout.

Cheers and enjoy the summer … it’s going to be a good one

Eddy b X

Comment by Eddy

Hi Eddie,
Remember Northern Nutters in Headbands from Watford College, then this is me calling from the Highly Successful Red North ! I just wondered if you ever got to get upt’north with your humour ( used to make us laugh with your tales of scrapping opposition fans ). Would be good to see you. Keep up the good work, still doing a bit of Designing on the side ?
I.m still in the print industry, Fat, balding, greying & still kicking a ball about, if yu remember me, you will probably remember Russell, he’s now in Vietnam !

Comment by Peter Ben-Accom

Hello Peter, I hope all is well.

I have to be honest I’ve got a shite memory, faces OK. Names … pony.

Where abouts up north are you?

I do get up that way from time to time but last year we moved south so my ventures north of Watford Gap at a little less frequent.

Have a great 2012 and hopefully when I am up that way we can hook up.


Eddy B

Comment by Eddy

Hi Eddy,
I live in Congleton, Cheshire, near Manchester (as in UNITED), me and Russell used to wind you and another Watford fan, whose name I just can’t remember, had a good left foot as I remember. Strange things memories. Where have you moved to? As I remember, weren’t you in Hemel / Bedmon area ? I used to play weekends at Croxley.
Thanks for getting back to me, now your a successful media artist, still make us laugh.
Speak soon, Peter Ben-Accom


Hello mate, sorry for the delay … again!

Croxley, they weren’t bad if I remember.

I moved down to Brighton just over a year ago which is great. We get the Sun down here 🙂 If I remeber rightly there’s a great mountain bike shop in Congleton.

Next time I’m up that way I’ll give you a shout. You can come and heckle me 🙂

Take care.


Comment by Eddy

Hi Eddy,
Brighton ??? didn’t have you down as batting for the other side ! There is a good bike shop in Congleton, all very expensive. So you get “Off Road”. Makes it easier for getting away from the opposition fans, I suppose. No, I forgot, you don’t do that now. Leave it to hard nuts like Danny Dyer ( LOL ). Who was that dude with the good left foot you used to go to football with?
Be Good and busy, only the 20th Championship to celebrate this year. Wot a Man U fan from Manchester, they’re a myth, surely…. Peter V. Ben-Accom ( Mr. Headband )


Eddy, watched you in Bristol last night, very funny had to wipe my eyes dry, will be looking out for you, keep it up.

Comment by Dave

Hello mate, sorry for the late reply but I have been so busy recently that the site has taken a back seat. Really pleased you enjoyed the night and hope to see you at a gig in the future. Eddy

Comment by Eddy

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